Student Protection

St Joseph’s has adopted the Brisbane Catholic Education Student Protection policy which can be accessed through the school website and school app. St Joseph’s takes its student protection responsibilities seriously. Please contact the St Joseph’s Student Protection Officers if you are concerned about the behaviour of anyone, which is causing you or your child concern. Click here for the

Brisbane Catholic Education Studen​t Protection Policy

Our Student Protection Officers are Martin Lewis (Principal), Tracy Gaddes (Assistant Principal Religious Education) and Inge Hay (Guidance Counsellor). Contacts are below.

It is their responsibility to receive reports from students, parents and/or staff of any child protection matters. This includes reports of abuse, or likely abuse, harm or likely harm.

Martin Lewis – 3201 6188 (

Tracy Gaddes- 3201 6188 (

Inge Hay – 3201 6188 (

Student Protection and Code of Conduct Training for Volunteers and Other Personnel