Student Support

Welcome to the Student Support page.

At St Joseph's we have a Learning Support Teacher and Guidance Counsellor available as well as access to other specialist staff from Brisbane Catholic Education. All of these people are here to support students' learning.

When requiring any help for your child (or yourself) it is best practice to speak to your child's class teacher initially. If the matter is of a personal nature then please contact the appropriate person.


If you are needing any help or advice in the area of social, emotional or behavioural difficulties please contact Inge Hay by ringing the school office for an appointment Ph 32016188.

If you are wishing to speak to Mrs Naomi Murphy, Support Teacher - Inclusive Education, she can be contacted also via email on or again by contacting the school.​ or again by contacting the school.​


Please find below some links to other websites which may be helpful

  • Kids Help Line - This website is useful for kids who need advice. Their is also a link for online counselling.

  • Raising Children Network - This website is supported by the Commonwealth Government.

  • ABC Parents - This website is useful hints and tips for Parent of children of all ages. It also contains links to other sites on the ABC including ABC for children which has some interesting games and activities.

  • Young people with a family member with mental illness - This website is useful for children who have family members or siblings with a mental illness.

  • Children of Parents with Mental Illness - This website is useful for children who have parents with a mental illness such as depression, bipolar etc.

  • Beyond Blue - This is a website that is helpful for people suffering depression, bipolar and anxiety. It has a link to finding a psychologist who specialises in this area.

  • Support Links - This is an Australian Government link that will put you onto specific areas including ADHD support, Aspergias etc.