Message from the Principal

In 2020 we celebrate 107 years of Catholic education at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, North Ipswich. We also celebrate 175 years of Catholic education in Queensland, a ministry which was born from such humble beginnings to a system of over 300 schools, providing an education to approximately 149,000 students in Queensland. 

From those very early days of Sr Mary Carthagh Wolfe and Sr Mary Loyola Carey travelling to St Joseph’s each day on horse and buggy, teaching with whatever resources they could find or borrow … to today with our dynamic, air conditioned classrooms and staff who are professionally developed and equipped with the most sophisticated resources, programs and technologies, so very much has changed at St Joseph’s. What has remained the same is the goodwill that is shared with all in our community and the vital role that our school provides as a ministry within the Ipswich Catholic Community and Brisbane Catholic Education.

‘Joeys’ is a happy, vibrant place where each person is known, valued and loved. Our classrooms are student centred hubs where curiosity is nurtured and exploration encouraged as our students are supported in their ongoing development towards becoming compassionate, informed and optimistic members of society.  

The talented St Joseph’s staff are passionate about each of our 365 students and we strive each day to provide each learner with the support, skills and experiences required to enable them to reach their full potential. As leaders of learning, we work together to identify and embed pedagogies and technologies which enable us to respond to the needs of our learners and assist them to achieve spiritual, academic and personal growth each day. 

St Joseph’s is known for the strength of our community and our school is supported through the generosity and goodwill of our families. Guided by Gospel Values, our community is one where rich relationships are fostered and that each member is encouraged to flourish in life and through their work. You will be warmly welcomed to Joeys and your family will be enveloped by the love and companionship of a strong community of people who generously offer their time and gifts each day in order to make each day a more rewarding experience for every member. 

With deep gratitude for all people who have tirelessly worked to bring the vision of our founding Sisters of Mercy to fruition, we continue to commit our time and efforts to living our very best lives by continuing the storied history of Catholic Education through the mission of St Joseph’s, North Ipswich. 

If you would like to know more about our school or enquire about enrolment, I encourage you to contact our friendly office staff. 

Laborare et Orare – to work and pray. 

Nic Constable